Surviving Tax Season

Here’s how we’re surviving super long work days and being productive!


As the tax deadline is coming closer, we’re putting in extra hours to get returns prepared on time.  It’s that time of year when we stay late to get the job done. A lot of clients compare tax season to harvest season. I must agree. The only difference is we’re racing with the clock while most farmers are racing with Mother Nature.

But like others who work shifts, stay late, or have found themselves stuck behind a desk with no sleep, it can feel like surviving a super long work day will be a near impossibility. I mean, regular eight hours days are hard enough. Add in the stress of a midnight shift, or a late work meeting, and you’ve really got yourself in a situation.


Our Top 3 Survival Tips!


  1. Snacks

Of course any work day is better with snacks, but never are they more necessary than on extra long, extra stressful days. That’s why we now have our very own popcorn machine!




However, the popcorn is not only for staff.  What better way to enjoy the experience of getting your taxes prepared while you wait AND snacking on fresh, hot popcorn.







  1. Scheduled Coffee Breaks

Changing up our environment for a few minutes can be refreshing, as can a cup or two of a caffeinated beverage. We make sure to drink it early, and sparingly, for maximum benefit.





3.   Get Up And Stretch

‘Get up, move around, and do some stretches’, they say. ‘Don’t sit all day, it’s not good for you’, they say.  Well, there’s nothing like a little competition among co-workers to get active. A 7-week fitness challenge was set up in our office making everyone accountable for getting active. Those who did not meet the weekly workout requirements or food challenges had to contribute to the money pouch.  Our fitness challenge started off great! Everyone doing workouts and eating healthy. And then… well, let’s just say a few fell off the wagon!  So rather than breaking out into hardcore P90X workouts in our cubicles, we take five to ten minutes to move around, get out of our seats, and get the blood pumping!


If you keep moving, keep yourself fueled up, and schedule in regular breaks, you can survive a long day at work. I promise. We did!




















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